Tim Hocks, ‘Breathing In’ (feat. Son Ov Samson)

Tim Hocks is an up-and-coming London based musician, music producer and audio engineer from Erkelenz/Germany, currently studying Audio Production at SAE Institute in London. As a graduate of Osnabrück University in Germany, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music (Jazz piano, drums, bass guitar) and Protestant Theology. His skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, conducting; piano/ keys, drums, bass, guitars, vocals; recording, editing, mixing, mastering; live performance and live sound. He is the owner of a fully equipped recording studio with industry standard digital and analog equipment located in Erkelenz, Germany.

Having been involved in multiple single, EP and album productions from a wide range of musical genres, his productions have been warmly embraced by the public, received good press in music magazines and achieved airplay on both national and international radio stations.